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Polish Food in Brooklyn, New York

Dziupla is the newest restaurant from Nobu-trained Chef Kris Drzewiecki, best known for his beloved restaurant Krolewskie Jadlo in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Kris came to New York on a student visa in 1998, speaking very little English. After 3 days working construction, he found himself in Marc Murphy’s kitchen at Café Milou. 6 months later, he migrated to Nobu where Kris rotated kitchen stations, honing his skills for over 2 years.

For years, Kris had been eyeing a small, slowly failing Polish restaurant near the corner of Manhattan Ave. and Norman Ave. in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, a deeply Polish neighborhood. He eventually bought the restaurant, borrowing money from family and friends, and cooked during the day while renovating the space at night. Since its doors opened in 2005, Greenpoint has embraced Krolewskie Jadlo as a local favorite.

Dziupla is Kris’ latest venture, specializing in traditional Polish fare with a modern American twist! You’ll find many classic Polish favorites on our menu, as well as Eastern European dishes with a heavier American influence. We also offer many gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options. There’s something for everyone on our menu!

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